Archimake Team

02 April 2020

Archimake is a dynamic work in progress with a close knit team continuously evolving. 


Our team members have different backgrounds and they all find in Archimake a vibrant working place where personal growth goes hand in hand with the career development. 


Our vision is shared by:

Sebastiano Canzano Architects: architectural & product design.


Marialuisa Quadrato: 3D freelance artist, photo realistic rendering and modelling expert. 


Ilaria Errigo (BGM Costruzioni): construction company and technical direction. 


Alessandro Cirillo: freelance photographer whose research range from topics concerning territory mutations.


Clara Specchia: editorial graphic design 


Emanuela Megli (M74 Solution): welfare, PNL Master Practitioner and Effective Communication Trainer. 


If you like to join our team feel free to step by or to contact us.


For available work stations please contact: 


Sebastiano 3403039468

Francesco 3495133505