The sales agency 2ERRExperience&Consulting called a panel of designers together, so that they could think about the changes that structures will be facing because of the Covid-19. Project keywords: imagination, design and fantasy.  17 May 2020

The agency came up with an innovative project: “Archivirus”. 


The idea was drawn from an interview with Architect Alberto Apostoli, conducted by the magazine “Il Bagno News”: in the article, Apostoli pointed out the importance of re-organising spaces, according to laws.  


Given the lack of precise regulations- for the time being- concerning the space arrangement, the 2ERRExperience&Consulting Agency engaged a group of designers. Their task is to imagine the future developments that public and private spaces will be facing because of the Covid- 19 emergency.


Apulian designers such as Sebastiano Canzano, Nico Devito, Domi Falcicchio, Carmine De Renzio, Giuseppe Furio, Francesco Mancini, Wanda Loizzo, Francesco Clori and Stefania Paradiso and many others clearly grasped the project’s aim, focusing on the different ways public and private environments can be rearranged. 


Above all, Archivirus is a chance of bringing local designers together so that they can share their ideas. As Thomas Jefferson once said “He who receives an idea from me, receives instruction himself without lessening mine; as he who lites his taper at mine, receives light without darkening me”. 


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Sebastiano Canzano "Pazienza"​

Francesco Clori "Avanti un altro"

Carmine de Renzio "Panchina con filtro"

Nico de Vito "Tavolo ND56"

Giuseppe Furio "Ali per la Libertà"

Giuseppe Furio "Occhio alla sicurezza"