Choosing the right colour palette is always a challenging task. How do I pick the best shade? Architect Laura Rubino, expert of bio architecture provided for us a series of useful guidelines to choose the best colours. 05 June 2020

Painting a wall entails a series of doubts: which shades are the most adequate? Are paints toxic? Are paints all the same? 


A reliable painter should be able to answer these questions, but it is also pivotal for the client to have a general knowledge of interior design in order to make the right choice. 


-Choosing a certified paint: the “Indoor Air Emission” label ensures that the paint won’t release in the air toxic chemicals.


-It is fundamental to pay attention to finishes as they occupy  large surfaces. The choice of the most suitable paint should be based on the analysis of the activities that will be carried out in that environment: generally speaking, it is better to opt for a breathable coating. 


-The client should opt for different paints. Walls are made out of different materials: consequentially one cannot use the same paint for all the walls.


-Be bold: usually people tend to choose the same pale colours. Together with a trustworthy painter, one can pick a more audacious color.