On Thursday the 25th of June, the Archimake’s team took part at the course kept by Emanuela Megli (M74 Solutions): “how to effectively communicate to people and online”. 02 July 2020

Having a precise knowledge of how to communicate might be hard. For this reason, the Archimake’s team attended the seminar taught by Emanuela Megli, expert in Effective communication.


Emanuela started the session with a series of ice breaking activities, asking the participants to introduce theirselves to the others. This contributed to establish a relaxed environment in which the participant felt free to step out their comfort zone. The session required everyone’s vivid interaction in order to accomplish activities, games and to share ideas.


Stepping out the confort zone often means to face unpleasant emotions and it comes with no surprise that people who are required to speak to public are acquainted with these off-putting sensations. However, learning the basis of public speaking can actually help to effectively manage emotional stress that ofter arise when it comes to public speaking. 


Scientific studies have clearly shown (Bruskin/ Goldring 1993) that in the United States the fear of public speaking is the most common one. 


The Archimake’s team learned the keynote strategies to cope with the fears of public speaking thanks to simulations. During these moments, the participants understood the importance of non- verbal and para verbal communication and how to these aspect might lead up to a successful public communication.


People who are required to speak in public often overlook the fact that communication entails different non linguistic factors, such as the non verbal communication (i.e postures, movements around the spaces, gestures) and the para- verbal aspect (I.e. the tone of voice, pitch, loudness). When speakers acquire enough confidence in managing these different elements, they are prone to face the fear of public speaking


Emanuela’s session provided a basic knowledge of how communication works. Further discussions moment will follow.


The meeting proves the interest that the Archimake’s team have for long life learning: for this reason, Archimake is also an Academy targeted to young architects to bridge the gap between university and the working world, through hands-on workshops