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Francesco Marella

Architecture & BIM | Architect


Francesco Marella was born in Bari in 1979. He’s an architect and a lighting designer


in 2004 he graduated in Architecture: after that, he started working with Architect Sebastiano Canzano, sharing his vision and style. 


In 2012, he founded MoMAng a collective of architects and designers that share the same passion for design, materials research, and project development. Their works have been displayed in Milan and Turin and are sold worldwide thanks to the partnership with Officine Tamborrino


In 2010, he decided to focus on his personal and professional growth; consequentially, he moved to Rome where he attended a Master in Lighting Design at La Sapienza University. In addition, he collaborated with Arch. Adriano Caputo (Studioillumina).

During the Master, he conducted a research on the use of the goniophotometer in Laboratory of Technical Physics of the University of Rome3. 


In 2015, he moved to Lyon where he worked in the practice Patrice Santoro Architects, specialising in residential design and feasibility studies aimed at financial investors. 


By the end of 2016, he returned to Bari and started to work again with the practice Sebastiano Canzano Architects where he put into effect the skills acquired in Rome and Lyon, dealing with architectural design and BIM. In 2019 he qualified as a BIM expert UNI 11337-7. 


In 2019, he founded Archimake together with Sebastiano Canzano. It’s a clear space where architecture, art and design coexist, a place in which useful connections can be made, a vibrant work in progress that can be moulded by new ideas and skills.


Francesco Marella

Architecture & BIM | Architect