Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life. Working in a positive environment affects the quality of the final result.

In Archimake we’ve been doing our best, making our space comfortable for our employees. 

Archimake is a working space with a strong identity: here people can increase their professional relationships, interacting with colleagues or working partners, in the field of architecture, art and design, giving life to innovative projects. 

A place where coworkers can find talents and benefit of a variety of services, all-inclusive  The comfortable workstation- with all the services described below- costs € 300,00 monthly VAT included


Archimake is equipped with 12 workstations. It extends over an 200 m.q. area, including a spacious garden. It is in the very Bari centre near the station and the Gestipark parking lot, near the University. 

Archimake has a relaxing break area with fridge, microwave and sink. In our studio, you can find a spacious garden (60 m²) with plants, a garden sofa set with a shadow area: in our garden you can park your bike. 

Archimake includes a bright meeting room for 5/6 people with smart TV 60” 4K that can be used for 3h per week for business meetings. 


You have access to the Archimake space via smartphone 24/7. The audio and lighting systems can be managed remotely. 


Coworkers have a personal locker. Upon payment, it is possible to use the printer and photocopier for A/4 A/3 prints and A0 plotter.


Internet connection up to 1GB download and 200 MB upload is available in the entire Archimake space. 


Archimake offers to its coworkers a specialised network of architecture, art and design, a personal profile in the Archimake’s website and the possibility of being part of the Archimake’s team. 


Further services include: 

-weekly cleaning 

-cooling and heating system

-lights, alarm system video surveillance

-Internet connection up to 1GB download and 200 MB upload


To request further info, please contact us (080.6928927 - 3495133505) or fill the form below. 

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