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Multiplicity| Alessandro Cirillo

Photography Exhibition


Often photographies manage to realistically picture both reality and truth. 


Photography has this main feature: it portrays reality, but is it trustworthy? 


Since the dawn of time, eyewitnesses are responsible for the defendant’s destiny during a trial, as they hark back what they have seen; nevertheless, it happens that the more people see, the less they know and the chances of finding truth get slimmer and slimmer. In the end, it turns out that the those testimonies are just pieces of information provided by different eyes, but they don’t contribute to complete the whole story. 


In a kaleidoscope, small plastic pieces are reflected by several mirrors in different ways and yet- even if we do know how a kaleidoscope works-  we end up being enraptured by the dazzling sequence of imagines hitting our eyes.    


The real city unfolds itself before people’s eyes and even choosing how to cross it- whether is on foot, by car o on a bicycle- has the disarmingly power of modifying the narrative. 


In how many ways can a city be described? 


Among the viable options, photography seems to be the most accurate one, but many others prospectives can be exploited, for example the one that look at the city as a mutable- even dystopic- stage, on which our imagination, hopes and fears unravel. 


Bottom line of this project is the verb “to reflect” intended both as returning an image, as revealing


It’s almost a game, a “what if…”.


Alessandro Cirillo, Bari, Italia 


Alessandro Cirillo is a free lance photographer operating worldwide whose researches encompass topics related to territory mutations, identity and relationships.


He regularly teaches photography classes all over the world.


He has been exhibiting in the most important cities and countries: Milan, Rome, Venice, Genoa, Bari, Lecce, Switzerland and Russia. 


His photographies enrich prestigious collections in Italy and abroad, such as the ones in Fondazione Giacomo Costa di Genova and Palazzo Vendemini (Savignano sul Rubicone), Musée de l'Elysèe (Lausanne) Manege Central Exhibition Hall (St. Petersburg). 


In 1999 he won “Il Portfolio” in Piazza a Savignano sul Rubicone, under the guidance of Mario Cresci, and in 2013 he was awarded with the Confini Prize for contemporary photography. 


In 2016 his short “Una storia di Pietro” won the “The Next Generation” Film Festival  (Triggiano, Italy) and in 2017, the prize as Best Short at the Festival Luccica (Bari).


He’s among the authors of several publications such as “Territori del Cinema" by Gangemi and recently he mastered in photo editing and book designing


During his career, he has released many publications.