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Welfare and Architecture: a multidisciplinary approach 

Future developments of a multidisciplinary approach| Friday 24/04/2020, 17pm

The meeting aims to present a multidisciplinary approach for the working environment, where the working life of each person is at the heart, starting from a reconnaissance of needs and opportunities in future perspective of growth and improvement. Architecture plays a major role in such topic, as it can be considered as an implementing tool to enhance social ideas. 


Thus, it is fundamental for companies to invest in their employees wellbeing: a fulfilled and carefree employee definitely works better and is more productive. In fact, relationships and emotions play a pivotal role in the working process, intertwining with the circadian rhythm and with the spaces in which people operate. 


To acknowledge people’s deepest needs, such as belongingness means to create a positive work environment, affecting the workers’ quality of life, as well as their respond towards the company’s requests . This approach led to a unique contractual, physical and psychological alliance. 


There are two main targets to reach: on one hand, welfare policies as a response to people’s physical and psychological needs, on the other the environmental wellness (such as beauty of places, spaces, flexible working time).


Right after the Covid-19 pandemic, structures will have to functionally withstand the unexpected , producing solutions through the perfect rationalisation of spaces, paths, places of exchange and contact, compatible with the challenges set by the contemporary world, through an effective cultural reflection. 


The environmental wellness can be induced both by behaviours and by the physical and aesthetic environment, thanks to the presence of specific areas designed bearing in mind people’s needs. 


During the webinar, various experts will delivered lectures: 


Emanuela Megli - M74 Solution - “Opportunities for innovation with corporate welfare”  


Sebastiano Canzano Architects- “The architect’s role as translator of a shared language” 


Francesco Marella Architect-  “Approach and methodology: from needs to project choices”


The Casillo’s HR Manager Gabriella Galantino will share the pioneering welfare policies adopted by the local company.  


H 17 pm, on Zoom

The Webinar is organised by M74 Solution