The project


Archimake is a Sebastiano Canzano and Francesco Marella’s idea. It’s a clear space where architecture, art and design coexist, a place in which useful connections can be made.


It’s an open source, a vibrant work in progress that can be moulded by new ideas and skills, a place where architecture merges with other disciplines. 


Archimake is Independent Design. An environment that welcomes the project as well as its designer, product development and promotion. 


Archimake is a Network of experts gathered in one inclusive environment where interactions and mutual growth are fostered. It’s a flexible space constantly evolving, a relationships booster. 


Archimake is a Visibility Amplifier. Artists and independent designers can display their works during temporary events: their products can be promoted on the Archimake online shop. 


Archimake is a dynamic Exhibit Space, enhanced by the newest technology. Here architects, designers, artists and companies find a proper space, where their product can be truly highlighted. 


Archimake is an Academy targeted to young architects to bridge the gap between university and the working world, through hands-on workshops. 


Archimake is Tutoring for young architects and interior designers. Archimake offers full guidance to them during their professional development.