Archimake is an architectonic space designed to express a shared vison of quality: a place where concepts don’t play second fiddle to forms, where contents go hand in hand with people.


Archimake represents us in all its features: it’s a transparent space where we feel welcomed and ready to welcome other people. 


Archimake is the result of a thorough approach towards the architectural concept. 


From 0 m.q. upward, architecture is for us essence, it’s about taking away what is superfluous without affecting the core. Whether it’s a small object or a city. For us, architecture is like shaping the word “why”, reaching a point where lines, surfaces and materials are perfectly aligned with the surroundings.


In Archimake light emphasizes shapes and forms, suspending them in a never- ending apnea.


Archimake extends over an 200 m.q. area, including a spacious garden.


The workspace is equipped with 12 co- working stations, a meeting room and large walls perfect for exhibitions, thanks to a state-of- the-art lighting system.